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I started working as a school teacher quite early in my life. Being with secondary and senior secondary students and making them understand the complexity of Science, Mathematics and English gave me a lot of joy. With time I started observing that few intelligent students lacked the courage to speak or were sad due to friendship issues. I also found bullies ruling the social life of their classroom. My duties as a subject teacher kept me occupied, and I started feeling. I should do more for adolescents torn between childhood and adulthood; hardly finding any support from the education system and society, in general.

Also, the pressure on the students, of parents and school heads for high scores in boards, made me wonder the purpose of high scores in CBSE boards. I found myself suggesting the students, parents and colleagues understand the meaning of school education - to get admission in the desired course in higher education to get into an appropriate career. Also, I would try to influence them that every student is unique and must choose a job suitable to his/ her aptitude, personality and interests.

I started realizing that doing well academically in school has minimal contribution to leading a successful life for a person. Below-average students seemed happy and found suitable careers while a few sincere and intelligent students seemed to struggle for longer. The self-confidence and social life of many averages and below-average student were far better than students scoring very high. At that time, it seemed very unfair, and I would find them and myself frustrated.

My secondary and senior secondary students and parents would often come to me to ask about courses and colleges after completion of school. Parents would complain that there was negligible support in this context. Most of the teachers, including me, knew about their subjects and a few successful careers related to the topics. So we could help only a little, despite our best intention. I often felt the urge to be more informed and better equipped to handle these issues of my students. So, I studied extensively about it, but that did not seem sufficient. 

Slowly the urge to help students in their personal academic career-related social concerns grew loud in me. I started to search for courses in the relevant field to upskill myself. The few courses I found were difficult to undertake because of my job and family responsibility. With time I started to develop a strong desire to have a full-fledged career as a school counselor. My urge to protect and help the adolescent students became stronger wit time. I decided to take voluntary retirement and carve my path for school counseling, and career guidance and counseling is an essential component.

The courses I undertook equipped me with better skills as a school counselor. During the course, while training in schools, the gratitude and joy of my students and parents gave me immense satisfaction. Also, the compliments from the students revealed how talking to me helped them with their loneliness and isolation.

I still find that students know very little about various careers and so do parents and teachers. Being occupied with their mandatory duties as well as ignorance, they are unable to try and find the appropriate career and course. It makes the students focus on a few traditional courses, and the students are unable to explore the existing options and thus, stay conflicted.

Thus,  for excelling in my second career of the school and career counseling, I began to focus on grooming my innate skills of empathy and assertiveness for this field. When I quit my cushy job at RPVV, Department of Education, Delhi, I was sure that I am on the right path to help dear students. After completing my Diploma in Guidance and Counselling by NCERT, I further completed Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy courses to improve my skill set.

 During my journey to become a career guide and counselor, I teamed up with prestigious counselors through iDreamCareer and groomed myself through rigorous training of psychometric assessments and sessions with clients. I joined them as a Partner Career Counsellor as their mission resonated with mine. My sheer intention and motivation are to put my teaching experience, training, and innate empathy to use for helping parents and students and see them lead a fulfilling life.


Here are some of my exam helpline sessions at the N. C. E. R. T. Official Kishor Manch. Link 1 | Link 2

You can know more about me here.


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